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Featured Report: InTransit Overdue

Report Title: InTransit Overdue

Located: Web Reports

Frequency: Weekly

Summary: Items with a status of In Transit for over 14 days

The InTransit Overdue report, located in Web Reports, lists items that have had a circulation status of In Transit for more than 2 weeks. These are items that may have accidentally been reshelved instead of shipped/checked in or became missing in transit.

The report can be found in Web Reports, under the sub-category Collection Management.

The report consists of several tabs:

  • By Owning Library: items owned by your library that have long been in transit

  • By Destination Library: items shipped to your library that have long been in transit

  • By Starting Library: items shipped from your library that have long been in transit

Libraries should review the report weekly and check the shelves for items that may have been accidentally reshelved.


Gathering Data On-Demand

The InTransit Overdue report runs weekly. A library may use the Request Manager in Leap to check for long in transit items in between reports. The Request Manager is located under the Utilities drop-down menu.

Select your branch from the Branch drop-down. To view only requests with items that are in transit, set the Status drop-down to "Shipped." The By drop-down tells the Request Manager what type of requests to display. "Pickup" will display in transit requests with a pickup location of your branch. "Patron" will display in transit requests for your patrons. "Item" will display your items that are currently in transit.

Finally, you can sort the Shipped Date column to view the items that have been in transit for the longest amount of time.

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