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Offline FAQ

During the Morton Grove offline period, should staff use local offline or remote offline?

All staff should use remote offline during the Morton Grove offline period. This will allow CCS staff to load offline transactions on behalf of libraries when we are ready to come back online.

During the Morton Grove offline period, how often should staff log out and back in? Should we stagger logging off?

Staff should log out and back in roughly every two hours (a little more or a little less is okay!). Staff do not have to stagger logoffs across workstations.

What blocks will prevent checkout in offline?

The blocks that will pop up during checkout in offline mode include:

  • Library assigned blocks

  • Free text blocks

  • System-level blocks, including collection agency blocks, PAC self-registration blocks, and card expiration blocks

Offline does not consider these blocks, and staff will not be notified in offline:

  • Long overdue

  • Patron owes money

  • Patron has exceeded number of overdue items allowed

  • Patron has exceeded maximum fines

  • Patron has notes

What happens if a staff member does not use the appropriate method for offline?

If staff use local offline instead of remote offline during the Morton Grove downtime, any offline files generated will need to be loaded by library staff instead of CCS. We encourage all library staff to use remote offline to streamline the process of loading offline files when production is up and running.

Should loan period be typed in before each item is scanned? Is it true that all items will check out for a default period of 3 weeks, and any deviation from that will need to be manually changed at the time of checkout?

Items will check out according to your library's default offline loan period. For most libraries, the offline loan period value is 21 days. If an item needs to be checked out for a period other than the default offline loan period, staff can click the "special" loan period button before the item is checked out. This button will allow staff to select an alternate loan period value. Once an item is checked out in offline mode, its due date cannot be modified.

If patrons don't have their library cards on them, they cannot use their IDs for checkout, correct?

Staff are unable to look up patrons by name in offline mode. Libraries should encourage patrons to bring their library cards with them to checkout materials from Saturday, January 12 through Monday, January 14. If library staff needs to look up a patron account, they can do so through training Leap, which will be updated the morning of January 11. Training Leap should only be used during offline to reference patron account information. Any transactions performed in training Leap will be lost.

If we would like to do some testing this week of remote offline, should we schedule this with CCS?

We encourage all libraries to test remote offline before downtime begins on January 12! Here are some things to check before we go offline:

  • Ensure the Polaris remote desktop connection is installed on appropriate computers

  • Make sure all computers that will be checking out materials in offline mode are registered workstations in Polaris

  • Connect to the terminal server prior to January 11 to make sure access is working properly

  • Practice checking out materials and registering new patrons in Polaris offline

  • Practice printing receipts in Polaris offline

  • Decide if your library will or will not be registering patrons during offline mode. If you would like to register patrons during offline, you must designate a specific workstation that will be used to register new patrons. The workstation name should be submitted to help@ccslib.org by January 10

If staff encounter issues, please open a help ticket by emailing help@ccslib.org.

Do libraries have to load offline files once we are live on January 15?

CCS will take care of loading all offline files done in remote offline! Libraries do not have to load any remote offline transactions.

Can the error files be printed or accessed at a later date?

CCS staff is reaching out to Polaris to find out how long error files will be stored on the terminal server.

What if the Morton Grove migration finishes early, will we come up sooner?

CCS will bring libraries back online as soon as we are able to. This may mean libraries could come back online midday on Monday. CCS will send out newsletter updates through CCS News to keep libraries informed about the data load process.

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