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How to Prepare: PAC Upgrade to HTTPS

Updated 2/1/19 with time/date of upgrade.

Updated 2/6/19 to clarify library changes.

Updated 2/7/19 to add Google Analytics info.

CCS and Polaris will be upgrading the PowerPAC to a secure https connection. Pages containing sensitive information, such as the My Record page, already use a secure https connection. The PAC upgrade will affect currently non-secure pages, like the catalog home page. The upgrade will take place Monday, February 11th between 6:00am - 7:00am.

CCS upgraded the training PAC in November 2018 to spot any potential performance issues and identify changes that will need to be made by CCS staff and library staff when we update production.

There will be a redirect from the unsecured site to the secured https site.

CCS will check and modify...

  • System Administration settings

  • Content URLs, including URLs for portal custom content and web parts.

  • Enriched Data settings

  • eCommerce links

What should libraries check and modify?