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New Permission Added: Override Item Limit Blocks

A number of library staff have reported changes in how hold permissions have worked since migrating to 6.1 in December. CCS has been working to test and troubleshoot with Innovative, and we've uncovered a bug in Leap. When staff who are placing a hold attempt to click through a request limit block in Leap, they are incorrectly being met with an item limit override and are being blocked from placing the hold. The permission works properly in the staff client, and only Leap appears to be affected.

As a temporary fix until a patch is applied and/or the bug is corrected in a new release of Polaris, Innovative has given the override item limits permission to all staff in the general permission group.

How does this impact staff?

Staff in the general permission groups will now be able to override material type limits without requiring a supervisor to enter in their credentials.


Library A only allows patrons to check out 3 hot DVDs at a time. When a patron comes to the desk with a hot DVD and already has 3 hot DVDs checked out, staff will be met with the following pop-up, indicating the patron has exceeded their material type limit.

Staff can then click continue to check out the item to a patron. Previously, staff without the override item limit permission would be met with the following screen requiring an override:

Note: An override will still be required to override material type limits of 0. For example, if a CPL patron is allowed to check out 0 items with a material type of Book Hot at Library B, staff in the general permission group will be unable to override at checkout unless a supervisor with the correct permission enters in their credentials.

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