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Overdrive and Axis360 to Be Temporarily Disabled in PowerPAC

CCS has been working with a team at Innovative to determine the cause of our recent Polaris downtime issues. Innovative believes the problems stem from the Polaris API Consumer Service, an overnight process that checks for new econtent titles, changes in econtent item availability, and synchronizes patron econtent circulation activity for Overdrive and Axis 360. This process is interfering with other overnight SQL jobs, causing a snowball effect which results in our database going down.

The Innovative development team is working on a patch for the Polaris API Consumer Service as part of their current sprint, which will be applied as soon as it is available.

Meanwhile, Innovative and CCS are coordinating a test to confirm the impact of the API Consumer Service on our database. Innovative will temporarily disable the API Consumer Service from Monday, February 11 through Wednesday, February 13.

While the API Consumer Service is disabled:

  • Patrons will be unable to check out Axis360 and Overdrive econtent from PowerPAC. Patrons will still be able to check out econtent through the Overdrive/Axis360 interfaces.

  • Econtent checked out through Overdrive and Axis 360 will not sync with Polaris patron accounts

  • Overdrive and Axis360 titles will continue to display in PAC to patrons, but will be marked as "Temporarily Unavailable"

  • New Axis 360 and Overdrive titles will not be imported into the database

  • Axis 360 and Overdrive items that have been returned or have expired will remain on the patron's account in Polaris. These items could incorrectly appear as overdue in a patron's account in PAC and in Leap. Patrons will not be charged fines or receive notices for these materials.

Cloud Library titles should not be impacted.

Other Polaris customers have experienced similar issues, though CCS has seen a greater impact due to the size of our database and econtent collections. We will continue to share updates with the membership as they become available.

Please email help@ccslib.org with questions.

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