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Survey Results - Planned Downtime

We saw a great response to our survey on planned downtime. We received 100 responses, representing staff from each library and across service areas. The survey was open from January 24 until February 4, and was distributed on CCS listservs and CCS News. We received at least one response from each library and responses from staff in all service areas (administration, circulation, interlibrary loan, IT, public services, and technical services). Thank you for participating!

Here's what you said:

For downtime lasting less than a day, such as an ILS upgrade, 65% of respondents preferred evening downtime and 35% preferred morning downtime. Results were relatively even across service areas. CCS has traditionally preferred maintenance take place after libraries close, and will continue to do so when scheduling allows.

graph of weekend/weekday preferences by department

For downtime spanning multiple days, like adding a library, 63% of respondents preferred concentrating downtime on weekends and 37% preferred weekdays. Here, results varied by department (see graph for breakdown).

Some respondents noted that staff workflow is less impacted on weekends. Both respondents who preferred weekends and respondents who preferred weekdays said their library is slower during their preferred period. Future research with Polaris data will identify high volume days.

As CCS works with Innovative and Indian Trails Public Library District, we will consider these response in conjunction with data load times and Innovative staff availability.

We asked two questions about patron PAC access during multi-day downtime: should traffic to the online catalog be directed to a central CCS interface during multi-day downtime and should patrons have the ability to log into My Account even when they can't manage their account?

Responses to these questions were split. 27% of respondents said traffic should flow to a single interface, with 18% said patrons should continue to access their library's interface. 55% had no opinion.

33% of respondents said that limited My Account access was preferable to no My Account access. 22% of respondents said that limited access was not helpful, and 45% had no opinion.

When asked if CCS should bring libraries back online as soon as possible or stick with a firm schedule, 89% of respondents wanted to be back in action as soon as possible. This option does add some uncertainty for staff, but overall provides better service for patrons. We will continue to work with Innovative to streamline the load process and bring libraries back online as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your responses and thoughtful comments! If you have questions about these results or additional feedback, contact Rebecca.

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