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Polaris 6.3: New Features

We've highlighted a handful of new features that come with the Polaris 6.2 and 6.3 updates! We're scheduled to update from version 6.1 to 6.3 on Tuesday, August 20, before libraries open. Keep reading for an overview of new features and links to related documentation. Staff can review the full list of new features in Innovative's What's New in 6.2 and What's New in 6.3 documents!


  • Forgotten Passwords in the PAC - The PAC now has a more secure process for resetting a patron's password! When a patron clicks the "Forgot Password" link in the catalog, they will now receive an email containing a time sensitive link to a Reset Password page. From there, the patron can configure a new password.

  • Call Number and Volume on Notices - The item call number and volume are now included on Hold and Almost Overdue/Reminder notices!

  • Transfer Holds in Leap - Staff now have the ability to transfer a single hold or multiple holds from one bib to another in Leap. Unlike the staff client, when you transfer hold requests in Leap, the updated requests maintain the original pickup branch, activation date, expiration date, notes, patron information, and history!

  • View instructions on how to transfer holds in Leap

  • Do an Ad Hoc Item Bulk Change in Leap - The Leap bulk change workform has been updated to allow staff to perform ad hoc bulk changes. Staff now have the option of selecting individual records to bulk change instead of only being able to bulk change an entire record set.

  • View instructions on how to perform an ad hoc bulk change in Leap

  • Bulk Update Purchase Order Notes - Staff now have the ability to update purchase order line item notes in bulk from the Purchase Order workform. The Update Note option is now in the right-click menu for PO line items. Select one or more notes to update with this option.

  • Retain Bibliographic Control Number During Overlay/Replace - Duplicate detection now maintains the control number of the existing bibliographic record by default during the import overlay/replace process. When you choose "Save incoming record as final; replace database record," the existing record is overlayed by the new incoming record but its control number is retained.

  • Fund, Invoice, and PO Simply Reports - Staff can now edit all column and filter settings for the following saved reports: fund list reports, invoice list reports, and purchase order list reports.

  • Additional Columns Added in Leap Item Find Tool - A variety of options were added as potential columns in item find tool in Leap. Staff will now be able to customize their find tool searches to include information like YTD circ, Lifetime circ, In-house usage, notes, and other fields. Customize the Find Tool columns by clicking the three-line menu and selecting "Column Settings."


CCS will be performing more thorough research into the following new features before implementing them system-wide:

  • Limit the length of summaries in the PAC - There is now the ability to set a max length for summaries in the catalog search results. The User Experience Specialist will be performing UX studies to gauge the most effective summary length for patrons.

  • Leap Offline - With version 6.3, Leap now comes with an Offline application for circulating materials while the Polaris server or network are unavailable. CCS will be researching and testing installation, file storage, and uploading to identify potential issues and solutions before implementing.

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