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Offline Webinar: FAQ

Is the training staff client going to be updated before we go offline?

Training Leap, training PAC, and training staff client will all be synced with production the morning of Friday, October 18 before libraries open for the day. Review the full go live schedule.

Will a copy of the patron database be available for reference purposes? For example, so that staff can look up a patron's card number? looking up a card number, or similar)

Yes, training Leap will be available as a reference tool if staff want to check the details of a patron record.

How will libraries be notified that it's okay to bring self-checks back online?

CCS will send an update to the IT, Circ, and Admin listservs confirming that libraries can bring self-checks back online.

When checking out in offline, will hold blocks pop up?

No. These are the blocks that will appear:

  1. Free text blocks

  2. Library assigned blocks, including:

  • Registration Has Expired

  • Address Check Required

  • Returned Damaged Material

  • Invalid Phone Number

  • Invalid Address

  • Verify ID

  • Missing Parts

  • Duplicate Account

  • See Note

  • Lost Card

  • Birthdate and/or Parent/Guardian field needed

3. System-assigned blocks, including:

  • Self-registration block

  • Collection Agency block

The following blocks will not pop up in offline:

  • Long overdue

  • Patron owes money

  • Patron has exceeded number of overdue items allowed

  • Patron has exceeded maximum fines

  • Patron has notes

Can we disable the check in feature in offline for libraries that don't use hourly check in?

No, we are unable to disable checkin during offline. Libraries should communicate with staff that items should not be checked in.

Will RFID pad checkin work with offline?

We will check with Innovative if RFID pads can be used for (hourly) checkin. Remember, only items that check out hourly and are not holdable are able to be checked in. Example: Equipment that you may lend to a patron for in-house use for an hour or two.

How many libraries are offering patron registration?

Right now, we have just a couple of libraries who let us know they will be registering patrons for the upcoming offline period. During the Morton Grove migration, 9 libraries offered new patron registration during offline.

What happens when this data is loaded into production and some of the required fields were not entered?

The patron record will load and the next time staff access the Registration view, they will need to enter in the remainder of the information.

Is there a way to verify that our Circ computers are capturing things as they should be?

Yes! Libraries can set up a test with CCS before the offline period. During the offline period, CCS will be online and checking to make sure each library is generating offline transaction files.

When do we disconnect the sorter before going offline?

Libraries will disable their sorters and self-checks at 9pm on Friday, or before opening on Saturday. No transactions should be entered on self-checks after 9:15pm Friday night, unless your self-check is in offline mode.

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