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Important CCS Update: RAILS Halts Delivery

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COVID-19 Update

At this time, 26 of 28 CCS libraries are closed for an extended period of time in response to COVID-19. A full list of closure dates can be found on the portal. CCS staff are working remotely and remain available to assist libraries however we can. Our office hours remain 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and we do not anticipate any interruption or changes in service.

RAILS Halts Delivery

At today's member update, RAILS announced that they will be halting all delivery through March 31, beginning immediately. Members do not need to take any action.

Picklist Processing

CCS will put all libraries back into picklist processing to ensure that patrons can successfully place holds in PowerPAC during extended closures. Removing libraries from the picklist had the unintended consequence of blocking patrons from placing holds in PowerPAC. If you will continue to pull your items for your patrons for curbside pickup, you can sort the picklist in Leap by pickup location and pull only items for pickup at your own location. Do not pull items to be sent in transit to other CCS libraries.

Checking in Materials

If your library continues to check in items returned through your book drops, do not trap your items to be sent in transit to other CCS locations. Directions on how to deny an item transfer request are on the portal. If items owned by other CCS libraries are returned in your book drop, libraries may check them in to set the item's status to in-transit. Set those items aside to be sent in the bins once delivery resumes.

Hold Notices

If your library continues to check-in materials and trap holds for patrons, Polaris will automatically deliver hold notices by email, text and phone even if your library has closed dates entered in Polaris. If you do not want hold notices to be delivered to patrons, do not trap items for holds.

ILA Statement

In a statement released today, the Illinois Library Association "recommends that public libraries suspend public operations." Libraries may want to consider halting curbside services and circulation of material for the safety of both staff and patrons. In the RAILS Emergency Member Update this morning, RAILS and ILA indicated that, at this time, public health should weigh more heavily than providing service.

Changes in Library Service?

As always, if your library makes any changes to services or hours, please email help@ccslib.org so we can provide appropriate support.

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