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Go Live Progress: Production Back Online

In This Issue

Systems Back Online

Access to production has been restored, and libraries may switch back to production this morning. Innovative has brought all systems back online, including PAC, SIP, and API services. Palatine and Grayslake continue to circulate materials in Polaris offline this morning. Comprise will bring SmartPay sites back online this afternoon. CCS has asked Communico to restore full app functionality for those who requested certain options be disabled.

Offline Files

CCS staff have processed remote offline files generated Saturday through Monday. We will finish loading offline files generated today by end of day. We will send offline error reports to circulation managers by Thursday morning.

Checklist for Library Staff

  1. Confirm access to production. Call 847-483-8600 if you cannot connect.

  • Log out of training and remote offline on all workstations

  1. Confirm PAC redirect has been cleared from catalog kiosks. Clear cache or restart if necessary.

  2. Reconnect self checks to production.

  • Confirm production connection.

  • Transfer offline files.

  1. Reconnect AMH/sorters

  2. Check in expired holds from the hold shelf

  3. Check in quarantined materials

  4. Begin processing the picklist.

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