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Advisory Group Nominations Open until June 19

CCS is seeking nominations for Advisory Groups.

Advisory groups consult with CCS on potential system configuration changes, assist with research and testing, and recommend policy changes and best practices to their associated technical groups.

Advisory group members are expected to:

  • Use their expertise and knowledge to represent the CCS community

  • Participate in 4 advisory group meetings per year. See the meeting dates for FY 20-21

  • Participate in 4 associated technical group meetings per year. See the meeting dates for FY 20-21

  • Engage in online, asynchronous conversation and research between meetings

  • Work with CCS staff to present findings and recommendations as needed.

Read our FAQ and the Advisory Group Member Job Description.

Interested staff can self-nominate, or directors can nominate on behalf of their library. All participants must have director approval. Nominate yourself or someone else now.

CCS staff value the expertise and on-the-ground knowledge advisory group members bring to the CCS decision making process. These groups are a great way to collaborate with colleagues across libraries, learn about Polaris in more details, and contribute to the CCS community.

Questions You Might Have

I'm already on an advisory group and would like to stay on. Do I need to renominate myself?

Yes, please do! We strive for a balance of continuity and new voices on each group. Due to staff turnover and changes in internal responsibilities, most groups do not have staggered terms (SCRAP is the exception thanks to their well-established practice). If you'd like to serve another year, let your director know and renominate yourself.

I'm already on an advisory group and would like to change groups. Is that allowed?

Yes, you can nominate yourself or request your director nominate you for a different group.

Why can I select more than one group? I don't have that kind of time!

Because some of our groups are cross-departmental, your skills could be valuable to more than one group. In previous years, we've asked some nominees to consider working with a group where we needed to find a different balance. That flexibility from library staff helped ensure more equal distribution of seats across libraries. A library staff member will not be placed on more than one group.

Why do I need my director's approval to nominate myself?

Because we have a limited number of seats available and the time commitment for members is considerable, we want to make sure the director is looped in on nominations. A library director may want the library representation on these committees to reflect library-wide priorities, which may shift over time.

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