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Member Update FAQ

Review the webinar recording and slides.

Can we change the recently returned status to read "quarantine"?

CCS does not recommend using this status to indicate items are in quarantine. The shelving status of "recently returned" requires the item to be checked in. If the results of the RAILS/IMLS/OCLC/Batelle study indicate that a quarantine period is needed for library materials, CCS recommends that libraries quarantine items prior to checking them in. In addition, changes to the description of the recently returned status would apply to all CCS libraries and cannot be made on a branch-by-branch basis.

Is there any recommendation on extending the length of items being “ready to pickup”?

CCS libraries currently allow patrons 4 to 7 days to pick up their holds. Libraries can temporarily adjust this as needed.

Is there a word or character limit for hold notices?

There is no limit, but text notices over 160 characters will be split into two or more text messages.

Will there be a limitation on number of holds can be placed at a time during this time?

CCS can work with libraries to adjust hold limits in Polaris system administration, provided that the library would like those limits to remain in effect through the end of the calendar year. If libraries would like to apply limits for a shorter period of time, the library will need to manually enforce those limits. Libraries should communicate any changes in limits to their patrons.

How is autorenew impacted by library closures and reopenings?

Autorenewal will be disabled for 1-2 days prior to materials coming due from the stay at home order extensions. Currently, there are over 500,000 items due on July 1. Autorenew will be disabled on June 28* to prevent any system issues that could be caused by this large number of items autorenewing.

*Date subject to change, based on any future adjustments to due dates.