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Polaris 6.5 Highlights

On Tuesday, August 4 at 9:30 pm, Innovative staff will upgrade our production environment to the latest version of Polaris, 6.5. The newest version of Polaris comes with a number of exciting upgrades. Here are some highlights!

Read Innovative's What's New in Polaris and Leap 6.4 and What's New in Polaris and Leap 6.5 documents for full details on new features.

displays preferred name and legal name fields in Leap
Preferred and Legal Name Fields in Leap

Patron Preferred Name and Legal Name Fields

Staff now have the option of entering separate preferred names and legal names in the patron registration workform. The legal name field is labelled, "Name on Identification." Staff can also choose which name displays on notices. Patron registration procedures have been updated to reflect the separate name fields. Note: A patch is in place that will allow staff to search by both legal and preferred names. UPDATED 8/4/20

Local Items View

screenshot of a bibliographic record in Leap showing the Local Items tab
Local Items Tab

Bibliographic records now feature two ways of viewing linked items: the Local Items view and the All Items view. The Local Items view displays only copies owned by your library (if part of a multi-branch library, it displays copies owned by all branches). The All Items view displays all copies throughout the system.

Cancel In-Transit Holds

The newest version of Polaris now allows both staff and patrons to cancel in-transit holds. Requests that are canceled while in-transit will then be routed back to their assigned branch or trapped for the next patron in the queue upon check-in.

Pause/Resume Multiple Holds at Once

Staff are now able to pause and resume multiple holds at one time for a patron in Leap and the staff client! Instructions for how to pause and resume holds in Leap (both a single hold and multiple holds) can be found on the Public Services Procedures page, under the "Holds Maintenance" section.

screenshot of the staff client bib record bulk change tool
Delete All Instances of a Tag

Delete All Instances of a Tag Using Bib Record Bulk Change

Staff can now delete all instances of a tag, not just the first or last, using the

Bibliographic Record Bulk Change. A new option, Delete an existing tag (all instances), has been added to the Operation menu on the Data Fields tab of the Bibliographic Record Bulk Change dialog box. This option deletes all instances of the indicated tag during the bulk change operation.

Delay Holds X-Days Past First Available Date

Libraries can now use the staff client or Leap to set the number of days the new item is available only to its patrons. During the specified number of days, patrons from other libraries can still find the new item and place a hold. After the specified number of days, holds on the new item placed by patrons from other libraries can be filled.

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