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Represent Your Library on an Advisory Group!

CCS is seeking nominations for our four advisory groups:

  1. SCRAP

  2. Circulation/ILL

  3. User Experience

  4. Database Management

Together, these advisory groups consult with CCS on potential system configuration changes, assist with research and testing, and recommend policy changes and best practices to CCS and their associated technical groups.

Advisory group members:

  • Use their expertise and knowledge to represent the CCS community

  • Participate in 4 advisory group meetings per year

  • Participate in 4 associated technical group meetings per year

  • Engage in online, asynchronous conversation and research between meetings

  • Work with CCS staff to present findings and recommendations as needed.

Total Time Commitment: 15-20 hours. Read the full job description. You may self-nominate for a group with director approval or your director may choose to submit up to three nominees on behalf of the library. Nominations are due June 1. CCS staff will assemble the rosters by mid-June, considering:

  • Distribution of seats across libraries

  • Balance of new and returning group members

  • Diversity of service areas for Database Management and User Experience

FY21-22 Projects

We have an exciting year ahead, with several projects and initiatives planned in support of the new CCS strategic plan. Below is an overview of each group and a preview of projects we will be working on in the coming fiscal year.


Are you interested in having a say in the bibliographic input standards of the CCS catalog? Volunteer to be nominated for the SCRAP committee as we embark on an exciting year of discussions! SCRAP (Standard Cataloging Rules and Practices) researches and discusses cataloging best practices and recommends changes in standards or policies. Key areas of discussion for the next year include:

  • A new CCS tool for conducting a collection diversity audit

  • Subject heading access, focusing on inclusivity and discoverability

  • Review of current bibliographic input standards

Circulation/ILL Advisory Group

The Circulation and Interlibrary Loan Advisory Group partners with CCS staff to refine documentation, consults with CCS staff on configuration changes, researches and recommends policy and best practice changes to the Circulation and Interlibrary Loan Technical Groups. Over the next fiscal year, the group will discuss topics such as:

  • Notice updates and customization (in conjunction with the UX Advisory Group)

  • Standardizing policies and procedures related to circulation, such as Lost & Paid/Unpaid practices

  • Assisting CCS with testing and consulting on the new Vega Discover platform

User Experience Advisory Group

Are you an empathetic researcher that can champion the voice of your patrons? The User Experience Advisory Group works with CCS to enhance user experience across CCS, based on qualitative and quantitative user research. As part of the User Experience Advisory group, you will:

  • Give patrons a voice in evaluating the new Vega Discover catalog interface by helping CCS gather and analyze patron feedback

  • Make recommendations for patron facing tools based on user research

  • Evaluate proposed enhancements to patron facing tools to ensure best practices are met

  • Engage in analysis of user research data and participant recruitment

Database Management

As a member of this cross-departmental team, you’ll dive into Polaris configuration and CCS services that impact staff and patrons at all member libraries. In FY21-22, the group will:

  • Continue our investigation into member library reporting and data needs

  • Consult as needed with other advisory groups on initiatives relating to DEI

  • Recommend standardization for Vega Discover, a new discovery interface from Innovative

  • Work with other advisory groups on standardization of settings that impact holds, cataloging, and more

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