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Tips for Using Zoom for a Meeting

  • Before the meeting starts, download Zoom!

  • If your computer doesn’t have a microphone or speaker, you can join the meeting by phone.

  • If your computer is equipped with a microphone or speaker, watch this video demonstrating how to configure the audio and video settings.

  • During a meeting, all participants will be muted upon entry to avoid audio feedback. CCS and/or the group chair will unmute attendees as they use the "Raise Hand" function.

  • If you would like to speak and are using a computer, please use the “Raise Hand” button to let the moderator know that you want to speak. Read directions on how to Raise Your Hand! If you are calling in by phone, you can raise your hand by pressing *9.

  • If you would prefer to type your question or comment, type it into the chat box. CCS staff will monitor chats during the meeting.