Creating A Supplement Publication Pattern

A title that has supplements as part of its subscription will need a second publication pattern. From the title’s Serial Holdings Record (SHR) screen, click on the Publication Pattern piece of paper to create a new pattern.

On the Pattern Options screen, change the Category to “Supplementary Material.”

If you created blank templates, select the one most appropriate for the title.


If you didn’t create blank templates, click on Next to move to the Enumeration and Chronology screen.


  • Change the Frequency to “Completely Irregular.”


  • Setup the chronology section as it matches the supplement in hand.


In the enumeration section, in the caption box, type, [Free Text] or [Supplement name] and in the format drop down box select “Free Text”. This will allow you to type in the name of the supplement at check in. Text within brackets is not displayed at check-in.

Click the “Next” button to move on to the regularity pattern screen, which should be blank.

Click “Next” again and a window will pop up which says, “No issues or parts will be predicted because this frequency requires publication details”.  Individual predictions are not necessary, so click “OK” to move on to the next screen.

The “Prediction Results” screen will also be blank. Click on “Finish.”

Checking in a Supplement

When using blank predictions there are no predicted issues to modify or check in, so they will need to be created.

From the subscription check in screen, click "Tools" and select "Add Issue/Part."

In the window that opens, select the Supplement pattern and click "Select."

A new issue window will open. Type in the Supplement name and chronology if applicable.

Click the save icon, and close the issue record to return to the subscription check in window. The issue is now listed as Expected and can be checked in. 

Kathy Schmidt