CCS has scheduled 35 days of Polaris-led training between September 2017-April 2018, with 7 additional days of on-site training allotted for after the consortium is live on Polaris. CCS will supplement Polaris training with additional sessions led by CCS staff in areas of need. Those sessions will open for registration in September 2017. We will closely monitor registration and add additional CCS-led sessions as needed.


Below you will find a chronological list of all currently scheduled training and workflow consultations. CCS-led training is highlighted in green. Workflow consultations are highlighted in orange. Please review the Public Services and Technical Services training pages for a more detailed overview of what will be covered in the different types of Polaris-led training, as well as the number of seats available per library. At least one staff member from each library is required to attend each type of Polaris training. If a library chooses not to use all of their allotted seats or we have an extra seat open, they will be made available to other libraries 2 weeks prior to each individual session. 


Each library director has assigned a staff member to be their library lead/training coordinator. Library leads will coordinate registration for Polaris-led training. Each library will have an allotted number of spots for Polaris-led training, and library leads will work internally to ensure the appropriate staff members are attending each type of session. Member Services will email library leads when additional training seats become available. 




  • 12-13: Glenview Workflow

  • 12-13: Circulation

  • 14-15: Niles Workflow

  • 14-15: Cataloging

  • 26-27: Algonquin Workflow

  • 28-29: Fox River Valley Workflow




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