Transferring Holds in the Staff Client

When you withdraw the last item on a record, you may need to move patron holds. This process saves you from searching for the patron record and deleting the current hold. However, the end result is a new hold. The patron will be placed at the end of the holds queue as a result of this process.

Note: As of the update to Polaris version 6.3 on 8/20/19, hold requests can also be transferred in Leap. When you transfer hold requests in Leap, the updated requests maintain the original pickup
branch, activation date, expiration date, notes, patron information, and history.

From the Item Record or the Bibliographic Record, click on the Links menu and select “All Hold Requests.

Link To All Hold Requests.png

This will bring up the Hold Request. Go to the Tools menu and select “Transfer.”

Tool Transfer.png

A message will pop up that says: “When a request is transferred, the request history is lost. Do you want to continue?” Click on “Yes.”

Request History Lost Popup.png

A new hold Request Window will open up. 

New Hold Request.png

Click on the “Find” button and a Bibliographic Find Tool will appear. Search for the title that the hold should be moved to.

Haloween Search.png

Double click the correct title from the search results and you will be back at the new Hold Request. Click on the “Save” button.

Save the New Hold.png

Close the original hold request window that you started with. This hold will no longer exist once you close it.