Unclaimed Holds

If a patron does not pick up a hold within their given time frame, the hold will move from a status of "Ready for Pickup" to "Unclaimed." The hold will remain in "Unclaimed" status until staff pull the item and check it in. Once the unclaimed hold is checked in, the hold status becomes "Cancelled" and the item moves on to its next destination.

Staff should remove and check in Unclaimed holds daily. Staff can use the "Daily Clean Hold Shelf" to identify holds to pull. This report is found in Web Reports, under the Patron Management section. 


The report contains 2 tabs: one labelled "By Owning Library" and one labelled "By Pickup Library."

  • The By Owning Library tab lists items owned by your library with a status of Unclaimed. These items may be unclaimed at your library or at a different location. 

  • The By Pickup Library tab lists unclaimed items currently at your library. These items may be owned by your library or by other libraries. 


Use the By Pickup Library tab to identify the items to pull from your holdshelf. Once the items have been pulled, check the items in and process them appropriately. Staff should monitor the By Owning Library tab for lingering Unclaimed items at other locations.

Please refer to the Missing on Holdshelf procedures for instructions on what to do if staff are unable to locate an Unclaimed hold.