SQL-Managed Record Sets

CCS has created a process to update the contents of existing bibliographic, item or patron record sets based on a SQL query. Through this process, the contents of a record set can be updated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Getting Set Up
  1. Create a bibliographic, item or patron record set in Leap or in the staff client. The record set name must be unique, and should start with your library's 3-letter code. 

  2. Open a help ticket with CCS, and provide the record set ID of the record set you would like to automatically update.

  3. In the help ticket, indicate whether the record set should update daily, weekly or monthly. CCS staff will work with libraries to determine an appropriate day and time for the record set to update based on the existing job schedule.

  4. Determine how the record set should be updated:

  • Option 1: Provide a SQL Query for CCS to use​ to update the record set

  • Option 2: Share the parameters you would like to use for the record set, and CCS will create a custom  SQL query for you. This option will take longer to implement, since a query will need to be built from scratch.


To open a help ticket, visit help.ccslib.org or email help@ccslib.org