Issues with Importing Vendor Bibliographic Records for Ordering

When uploading files of Vendor Bibliographic Records it is critical to select the correct Import Profile. Every library should have their own Import Profiles that begin with their three letter library codes.


In addition, there are Import Profiles for On Order Records versus Import Profiles for Full OCLC Cataloging. When bringing in vendor records, please select an On Order Import Profile.


If a Full OCLC Cataloging profile is used, the brief vendor records will overlay the full records.


Once this happens, the bib records will need to be manually cleaned up by a cataloger. The overlaid record cannot be recovered.


Since we are all sharing one long list of Import Profiles, if you have any that you are not using, please delete them.


If you have any questions about creating, editing or deleting Import Profiles, please send an email to


There is a new report available on Web Reports called “Preliminary Bibs with Available Items.” This report lists bibliographic records that have an 099 PRELIMINARY DATA RECORD field but also have items that are Available, Checked Out, On Hold, etc. The last library to modify the record is listed in Column B (Modifier Library).

Your library's report will only include bibs last modified by your library's staff. Please look at the report for your library and clean up the records by fully cataloging them.  If you do not see this report in Web Reports under "Polaris Production Server Daily Reports," your library does not have any records to fix at this time. The report will be updated daily.


Thank you for helping to keep our database up-to-date and accurate!

Kathy Schmidt