Where is My Report?

Where is My File?

When you connect to Polaris you are connecting to a remote computer. This can make it tricky to find the reports that Polaris generates. One way to solve this issue is to direct Polaris to put reports on a USB drive or on your network drive.

For example, when doing an item record bulk change, go to the Report/Record Set tab and click on the Browse button.

Navigate to your USB drive or your network drive. Network drives will start will letters other than C: such as F: or T:

Once you have set the location and run the bulk change, reports will be saved to that location. Open the location where you saved the report to find it.


Where is my file?


Technical Services staff need to upload files from vendors or from OCLC in order to add records to Polaris. You should be able to direct your browser or OCLC Connexion to where these files should be saved. It is easier to have these files saved to a USB drive or a Network drive.


In Polaris Profile Manager, you can edit the file location so it remembers where to find the file. Open Profile Manager and select the profile you want to edit. Click on the Browse button.

A new window will appear. Navigate to the USB Drive or Network drive where your file is located.

Double-click on the file name. Then save your import profile. The next time you want to upload a file, your profile should already know where the file is stored.

Kathy Schmidt