Withdrawing Items in Polaris

Outline of Workflow

Polaris has the option to retain deleted item records or not retain them. CCS will be retaining the deleted item records for the purposes of updating OCLC holdings. Once the holdings have been updated, the deleted items will be purged on the second Sunday of every month.


Below is an outline of the Polaris workflow for library staff:


Step 1: Library staff will change the Item Status of items to Withdrawn. This can be done on an individual item record, using a record set, or for a group of items using the find tool. Withdrawn items will no longer display in the PAC to patrons. Items will still come up in search results for staff, but the item circulation status will change from available to "Withdrawn."

Step 2: Library staff will delete items. The item will be marked as deleted in Polaris, but will still be searchable in LEAP and accessible in the staff client by control number. Deleted items will not display to patrons in the PAC. (Note: Deleted items whose status is not changed to withdrawn will still have a circulation status of "Available" in the staff client. CCS recommends changing the item status to help staff who might not look for "Deleted" in the far right "Record Status" column). Items can be deleted on a monthly basis or when it is best for the individual library.

Step 3: CCS staff will update OCLC holdings by sending a file of our data to TMQ. This happens in the last week of the month. The purge process will be run on the second Sunday of each month and items will be permanently deleted from the database.

PLEASE NOTE: If an item is double deleted before CCS staff send the updates to OCLC, OCLC holdings will not be accurate. If you are withdrawing items that are not in the OCLC database, you can do a double delete or you can follow the same process as your other items.

NOTE: If an item is Lost or Missing the status does not need to be changed to Withdrawn before deleting the item.

Kathy Schmidt