Importing a bib from OCLC through Z39.50

Staff can search for bibliographic records in OCLC through Polaris and easily copy them into the Polaris database. 


Open the Bibliographic Find Tool from the cataloging menu, or press F12.

In the Search by box, select the access point you would like to use to find the record, and type in your search term in the For box.


Next, click the Databases tab to select the remote database you would like to search.


Check the box next to OCLC to search for records in that database.


Click the Search button to initiate your search in OCLC.


If you've left the local database (PAC) selected, you'll see results for both databases in your hit list. Double click the OCLC results to see a list of matching records from OCLC.


Double click records in your results list to open and review.


If you would like to save an OCLC record in the CCS database, click the save button at the top of the record.

Once the record has been successfully saved, you'll see a new Polaris control number populating that field.